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Answer HOLEINONE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Result of a lucky strikeHOLEINONE 9
Shot that eliminates puttingHOLEINONE 9
Why mother darns a sock?HOLEINONE 9
Ace on the linksHOLEINONE 9
Beautiful drive?HOLEINONE 9
Driving ambition?HOLEINONE 9
Golfer's dream shotHOLEINONE 9
Golfing highlightHOLEINONE 9
It's usually an eagleHOLEINONE 9
It takes a nice driveHOLEINONE 9
Stroke of good fortune?HOLEINONE 9
Big shot?HOLEINONE 9
Couples' aceHOLEINONE 9
Duffer's dreamHOLEINONE 9
Exciting drive?HOLEINONE 9
Golf dreamHOLEINONE 9
Golf termHOLEINONE 9
Stroke of luck?HOLEINONE 9

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