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Answer HIHO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"___! Cherry-O" (kids' board game)HIHO 4
"Farmer in the Dell" syllablesHIHO 4
"___ Steverino!": Steve Allen bookHIHO 4
"The Farmer in the Dell" syllablesHIHO 4
Cracker brand that sounds like a greeting to a prostituteHIHO 4
Word from the seven dwarfs marching songHIHO 4
Words repeated before "it's off to work we go"HIHO 4
Snack food that once used the slogan "Taste the difference!"HIHO 4
Film dwarf's refrain wordsHIHO 4
Snack brand in a red boxHIHO 4
Brand of crackersHIHO 4
Bygone cracker brandHIHO 4
Dwarf's refrain wordsHIHO 4
Film dwarfs' greetingHIHO 4
Film dwarfs' refrainHIHO 4
Greeting of a sortHIHO 4
Happy cry in songHIHO 4
Informal greetingHIHO 4
Kermit's greetingHIHO 4
Old brand of crackersHIHO 4
Old cracker brand with 4 letters
Old cracker brandHIHO 4
Old snack cracker brandHIHO 4
Popular snack crackerHIHO 4
Ritz alternativeHIHO 4
Ritz look-alike of oldHIHO 4
Sunshine crackerHIHO 4
Sunshine productHIHO 4
Vallee's salutationHIHO 4
Song syllables before "It's off to work we go"HIHO 4
Repeated phrase in Kurt Vonnegut's "Slapstick"HIHO 4
Nye's greeting to SteverinoHIHO 4
Brand discontinued by KeeblerHIHO 4
Keebler's answer to Nabisco's RitzHIHO 4
Exclamation in "The Farmer in the Dell"HIHO 4
Chirpy greetingHIHO 4
Cracker brandHIHO 4
Dwarf refrainHIHO 4
Jaunty greetingHIHO 4
Joyous cryHIHO 4
Keebler crackerHIHO 4
Lively greetingHIHO 4
Ritz lookalikeHIHO 4
Ritz rivalHIHO 4
Ritz shelfmateHIHO 4
Ritzy cracker?HIHO 4
Slangy greetingHIHO 4
Start of a Sleepy refrain?HIHO 4
Erstwhile Ritz-like Sunshine crackerHIHO 4
Greeting from Kermit the FrogHIHO 4
Call to SilverHIHO 4

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