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Answer HEELS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

LousesHEELS 5
"Time wounds all ___" (another pun ending)HEELS 5
"Time wounds all ___"HEELS 5
Part of dressy attire for a womanHEELS 5
Shoes that add inches to one's heightHEELS 5
They may be kicked off or kicked upHEELS 5
They might pose a problem on the runwayHEELS 5
Difficult shoes to walk inHEELS 5
Emulates a well-trained dogHEELS 5
Follows closely, as a dogHEELS 5
Formal footwear for femalesHEELS 5
Shoe repair targets, sometimesHEELS 5
Shoes not designed for comfortHEELS 5
They give drag queens a liftHEELS 5
They may give you a liftHEELS 5
They provide lift on runwaysHEELS 5
Uncomfortable premiere wearHEELS 5
Alternative to flatsHEELS 5
Bad shoes for runningHEELS 5
Cobbler's supplyHEELS 5
Despicable fellows with 5 letters
Despicable fellowsHEELS 5
Follows, as a dogHEELS 5
High points for modelsHEELS 5
Items of dressy attireHEELS 5
Kick up one's ___HEELS 5
Loaf or loafer partsHEELS 5
Part of a drag outfitHEELS 5
Party wear, maybeHEELS 5
Sexy-looking shoesHEELS 5
Shoe-repair shop stockHEELS 5
Shoes to wobble inHEELS 5
Soles' brothers?HEELS 5
Some women's footwearHEELS 5
Spike and stilettoHEELS 5
Spikes and wedgesHEELS 5
These may be cooledHEELS 5
They can be spikedHEELS 5
They may be cooledHEELS 5
They're hard to run inHEELS 5
They're tough to run inHEELS 5
Things to kick upHEELS 5
What celebrants kick upHEELS 5
Where to wear spursHEELS 5
Women's footwearHEELS 5
Women's formal wearHEELS 5
Military transports: Abbr.HEELS 5
Boot partsHEELS 5
BoundersHEELS 5
Bread endsHEELS 5
Bread partsHEELS 5

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