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"_____ Speaks!" (1961 autobiography)HARPO 5
"_____ Speaks" (1962 autobiography)HARPO 5
"Coconuts" nameHARPO 5
"Silent" oneHARPO 5
"Duck Soup" actorHARPO 5
"Duck Soup" brotherHARPO 5
"Duck Soup" starHARPO 5
Vaudeville comic brother who was part of the United States Croquet Hall of Fame inaugural classHARPO 5
Character who communicated with a hornHARPO 5
First name of a silent movie starHARPO 5
Noted entertainer with a whistleHARPO 5
Winfrey's quasi-eponymous studioHARPO 5
Actor/public speaker who often began "Unaccustomed as I am to speaking ..."HARPO 5
Marx who did the mirror bit with LucyHARPO 5
Curly-haired pantomimistHARPO 5
First name in comedic brothersHARPO 5
Groucho's silent partnerHARPO 5
Horn honker of classic comedyHARPO 5
Marx brother in a fright wigHARPO 5
Marx without much to say with 5 letters
Marx without much to sayHARPO 5
Oprah's production companyHARPO 5
Oprah's production studioHARPO 5
Silent screen star's first nameHARPO 5
Winfrey's production companyHARPO 5
Production company behind "Dr. Phil"HARPO 5
___ Productions (company behind "Dr. Phil")HARPO 5
Whistling member of the Marx BrothersHARPO 5
Chico's dumb brotherHARPO 5
Dumb film brotherHARPO 5
Famed mime of old filmsHARPO 5
First name in comedy?HARPO 5
Funnyman with a hornHARPO 5
Groucho's brotherHARPO 5
Honking film brotherHARPO 5
Marx the horn-honkerHARPO 5
Marx who kept mumHARPO 5
Marx with a fright wigHARPO 5
Marx with a hornHARPO 5
Mute madcap of moviesHARPO 5
Noted horn honkerHARPO 5
Silent film brotherHARPO 5
Silent film comicHARPO 5
Silent film star?HARPO 5
Silent movie star?HARPO 5
Silent screen star?HARPO 5
Silent show biz brotherHARPO 5
Silent zany of filmsHARPO 5
Speechless comedianHARPO 5
Speechless comicHARPO 5

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