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Answer GRASSROOTS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Local, as political supportGRASSROOTS 10
Rank and file membershipGRASSROOTS 10
Spontaneous populist movementGRASSROOTS 10
Stemming from the common peopleGRASSROOTS 10
Like some campaignsGRASSROOTS 10
Of the common peopleGRASSROOTS 10
Political movementsGRASSROOTS 10
Politicos' favoriteGRASSROOTS 10
Campaign localeGRASSROOTS 10
Hoi polloiGRASSROOTS 10
Ordinary folksGRASSROOTS 10
Ordinary peopleGRASSROOTS 10
Rank and fileGRASSROOTS 10
Working class?GRASSROOTS 10

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