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Answer GARR – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"oh god" costar Teri...GARR 4
"Tootsie" actressGARR 4
"Tootsie" co-starGARR 4
"Tootsie" actress TeriGARR 4
"Dick" actressGARR 4
"Dumb and Dumber" actressGARR 4
"Tootsie" Oscar nominee TeriGARR 4
"Tootsie" Oscar nomineeGARR 4
"Dumb & Dumber" actressGARR 4
'Young Frankenstein' cast memberGARR 4
"Young Frankenstein" actressGARR 4
"Young Frankenstein" starGARR 4
'Young Frankenstein' actress TeriGARR 4
"After Hours" costarGARR 4
"Mr. Mom" actressGARR 4
"Mr. Mom" co-star, 1983GARR 4
"Mr. Mom" co-starGARR 4
"Oh, God!" actressGARR 4
"Oh, God!" co-starGARR 4
"Mr. Mom" actress TeriGARR 4
"Oh, God!" co-star Teri with 4 letters
"Oh, God!" co-star TeriGARR 4
"Mr. Mom" star TeriGARR 4
"One From the Heart" actressGARR 4
'70s All-Star RalphGARR 4
Atlanta slugger: 1968-75GARR 4
Teri on the big screenGARR 4
Actress who played Tootsie's tootsieGARR 4
Ralph who was the 1974 N.L. batting champGARR 4
Teri nominated for an Oscar for "Tootsie"GARR 4
Keaton's co-star in "Mr. Mom"GARR 4
Actress with a "Tootsie" roleGARR 4
Leachman costar in "Young Frankenstein"GARR 4
Comedienne from OhioGARR 4
Ralph ___, 1974 N.L. batting champGARR 4
Tootsie starGARR 4
She had a "Tootsie" roleGARR 4
She played Cates's mom on "Friends"GARR 4
Wilder's "Young Frankenstein" co-starGARR 4
Teri from Lakewood, OhioGARR 4
Costar of Burns and Denver in "Oh, God!"GARR 4
Keaton's "Mr. Mom" co-starGARR 4
Teri of "Miracles"GARR 4
Teri of 'Tootsie'GARR 4
Teri of "Dumb & Dumber"GARR 4
Teri of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"GARR 4
Teri of "Close Encounters"GARR 4
Teri of "Young Frankenstein"GARR 4
Teri of "After Hours"GARR 4
Teri of 'Mr. Mom'GARR 4
She was Keaton's wife in "Mr. Mom"GARR 4

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