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Answer FAD – Crossword Puzzle Solver

CrazeFAD 3
ManiaFAD 3
"In" thing, for nowFAD 3
"In" thingFAD 3
Activity that in five years you're going to be embarrassed you were so into todayFAD 3
Goldfish swallowing in the 1920s, e.g.FAD 3
It goes in one era and out the other?FAD 3
It's in one era and out the otherFAD 3
It's in one era . . . out the otherFAD 3
It's in one year and out the otherFAD 3
The lambada or the macarena, e.g.FAD 3
Thing in one year and out the otherFAD 3
Buttchugging (hopefully)FAD 3
Crosswords, e.g., in the 1920sFAD 3
Fashion that doesn't lastFAD 3
Goldfish swallowing, e.g.FAD 3
Goldfish swallowing, onceFAD 3
Here-today-gone-tomorrow trendFAD 3
Hula hoop or coonskin capFAD 3
Hula hoop or skate boardFAD 3
It experiences a hot flash with 3 letters
It experiences a hot flashFAD 3
It goes in and out quicklyFAD 3
It runs its course quicklyFAD 3
It's here today, gone tomorrowFAD 3
It's "in one era and . . . "FAD 3
It's in one era, out the otherFAD 3
Its popularity is short-livedFAD 3
Phone booth stuffing, e.g.FAD 3
Poodle skirt or parachute pantsFAD 3
Possession of pet rocks, e.g.FAD 3
Short-lived diet, perhapsFAD 3
Something going out shortlyFAD 3
Something lacking staying powerFAD 3
Croquet, in the 1870sFAD 3
Current "in" thingFAD 3
Flagpole sitting, onceFAD 3
Fleeting fashionFAD 3
Fleeting obsessionFAD 3
Furbys or yo-yos, onceFAD 3
Hot pants, for oneFAD 3
Hula hoop or mood ringFAD 3
Hula hoop or pet rockFAD 3
Hula hoops, in 1958FAD 3
It comes and goesFAD 3
It'll be hot for awhileFAD 3
It's all the crazeFAD 3
It's all the rageFAD 3
It's hot, then it's notFAD 3
It's hot until it's notFAD 3
It's in for a whileFAD 3

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