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Answer FAA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Black box" regulator: Abbr.FAA 3
"Airplane Flying Handbook" org.FAA 3
Org. involved in the 1981 air traffic controllers' strikeFAA 3
Agcy. that established rules for kite flyingFAA 3
Org. concerned with the correct approachFAA 3
Org. with a wing and a globe in its logoFAA 3
Govt. agency with a wing on its sealFAA 3
Govt. branch concerned with planesFAA 3
Govt. branch that oversees airlinesFAA 3
Org. concerned with noise pollutionFAA 3
Org. concerned with sleepy pilotsFAA 3
Org. responsible for aviation safetyFAA 3
Org. that keeps an eye on pilotsFAA 3
Org. that tracks runway incursionsFAA 3
Transportation overseer, for shortFAA 3
Aeronautics watchdog grp.FAA 3
Agcy. concerned with air time?FAA 3
Airline overseer (abbr.)FAA 3
Airline regulating agcy.FAA 3
Airlines overseer (abbr.)FAA 3
Air traffic control agcy. with 3 letters
Air traffic control agcy.FAA 3
Air traffic control org.FAA 3
Air-traffic regulatory agcy.FAA 3
Air traffic watchdog, for shortFAA 3
Air-travel watchdog grp.FAA 3
American watcher, for shortFAA 3
Carrier overseer, for shortFAA 3
Drone regulator, in briefFAA 3
Govt. aircraft-certifying gp.FAA 3
Govt. transportation regulatorFAA 3
Gp. that monitors flightsFAA 3
Gp. with plane dealings?FAA 3
Org. concerned with planesFAA 3
Org. concerned with touchdownsFAA 3
Org. governing air trafficFAA 3
Org. governing overhead trafficFAA 3
Org. governing traffic aboveFAA 3
Org. overseeing approachesFAA 3
Org. that oversees dronesFAA 3
Pilots' supervisory org.FAA 3
Regulating agcy. for airwaysFAA 3
Regulatory org. since 1958FAA 3
Regulator of some traffic: Abbr.FAA 3
Org. that can't be lax about LAX?FAA 3
Airheads? (abbr.)FAA 3
Airline overseerFAA 3
Airline regulating org.FAA 3
Airline safety gp.FAA 3
Airline safety org.FAA 3
Airline watchdogFAA 3

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