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Answer EZRA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

'50s agriculture secretary ___ Taft BensonEZRA 4
'80s-'90s Mormon leader ___ Taft BensonEZRA 4
___ the ScribeEZRA 4
_____ PoundEZRA 4
"Cantos" author PoundEZRA 4
"Ripostes" poet PoundEZRA 4
1963 Caldecott Medal winner ___ Jack KeatsEZRA 4
"The Snowy Day" author ___ Jack KeatsEZRA 4
____ Loomis PoundEZRA 4
OT bookEZRA 4
Eminently forgettable (though still active) rock band Better Than ___EZRA 4
Biblical figure believed to be buried near BasraEZRA 4
Book that tells of the rebuilding of the Temple of JerusalemEZRA 4
Biblical figure whose name means "help"EZRA 4
Cornell for whom the college was namedEZRA 4
Book concerned with the end of the Babylonian captivityEZRA 4
Book that tells of the reign of CyrusEZRA 4
Bible book that tells of the reign of CyrusEZRA 4
Biblical book once combined with NehemiahEZRA 4
Book that tells of the reign of Cyrus the GreatEZRA 4
Book that chronicles the return to Zion with 4 letters
Book that chronicles the return to ZionEZRA 4
Biblical book or prophetEZRA 4
Cornell of university fameEZRA 4
Pound associated with meterEZRA 4
Pound who went to prisonEZRA 4
Pound with a metric system?EZRA 4
Jerusalem visitor from the Persian courtEZRA 4
Children's book author ___ Jack KeatsEZRA 4
Book that details the reign of CyrusEZRA 4
Name that comes from the Hebrew word for "help"EZRA 4
Fitch who partnered with AbercrombieEZRA 4
Jewish priest and scholar of Biblical timesEZRA 4
Fitch who partnered with David AbercrombieEZRA 4
Prophet of the fifth century B.C.EZRA 4
Bible book that begins "Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia"EZRA 4
Bibilcal prophetEZRA 4
Bible book or prophetEZRA 4
Biblical prophetEZRA 4
Biblical reformerEZRA 4
Chronicles precederEZRA 4
Cornell the financierEZRA 4
First name in poetryEZRA 4
Hagiographa bookEZRA 4
Nehemiah follows itEZRA 4
Nehemiah goes after itEZRA 4
Nehemiah precederEZRA 4
Nehemiah's precederEZRA 4
Pound of letters?EZRA 4
Pound of literatureEZRA 4
Pound of poetryEZRA 4

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