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Answer EXEC – Crossword Puzzle Solver

18 Across recipientEXEC 4
BigwigEXEC 4
HonchoEXEC 4
"Suit," so to speakEXEC 4
"Head honcho"EXEC 4
*Board meeting VIPEXEC 4
Big wigEXEC 4
One in business who is no stranger to the elegant things in this puzzleEXEC 4
One who might have a prime corner officeEXEC 4
One with a golden parachute, perhaps, brieflyEXEC 4
One making firm decisions, brieflyEXEC 4
Organizational chart topper, for shortEXEC 4
Whom a steno might assist, for shortEXEC 4
Boardroom biggie, brieflyEXEC 4
Boardroom bigwig, brieflyEXEC 4
Business bigwig, brieflyEXEC 4
Business bigwig, for short with 4 letters
Business bigwig, for shortEXEC 4
Business boss, for shortEXEC 4
Business leader, for shortEXEC 4
Corporate boss, for shortEXEC 4
Corporate higher-up, for shortEXEC 4
Corporate leader, for shortEXEC 4
Decision maker, for shortEXEC 4
Figure with a golden parachuteEXEC 4
Golden parachute beneficiaryEXEC 4
High-level manager, brieflyEXEC 4
Naval officer, for shortEXEC 4
One hired by a corp. boardEXEC 4
One in a head office (abbr.)EXEC 4
One making firm decisions?EXEC 4
One of the brass, for shortEXEC 4
Partner of legis. and jud.EXEC 4
Quote-unquote job creatorEXEC 4
Administrator, brieflyEXEC 4
Board chair, oftenEXEC 4
Board member, brieflyEXEC 4
Board member, for shortEXEC 4
Business big shotEXEC 4
Company auto userEXEC 4
Company jet userEXEC 4
Company prez, e.g.EXEC 4
Corp. decision makerEXEC 4
Corp. meeting callerEXEC 4
Corporate big shotEXEC 4
Corporate bigwigEXEC 4
Corporate honchoEXEC 4

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