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Answer ETS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

38-Down residents, for shortETS 3
19-Across passengersETS 3
47 Across pilotsETS 3
50 Down crew, perhapsETS 3
55-Across passengersETS 3
8-Down characters, brieflyETS 3
''Independence Day'' assailants, for shortETS 3
''Independence Day'' assailantsETS 3
AliensETS 3
"District 9" refugees, for shortETS 3
"Barbarella" extras, for shortETS 3
"Avatar" figuresETS 3
"Roswell" regularsETS 3
"V" visitors, brieflyETS 3
"V" visitors, e.g.ETS 3
"Guardians of the Galaxy" title characters, informallyETS 3
"Avatar" extrasETS 3
"Independence Day" assailants, brieflyETS 3
"Independence Day" invadersETS 3
"Independence Day" villainsETS 3
"Superman II" villains, e.g. with 3 letters
"Superman II" villains, e.g.ETS 3
"Captain Video" figures, for shortETS 3
"Falling Skies" extras: Abbr.ETS 3
"Battle: Los Angeles" bad guys, for shortETS 3
"Galaxy Quest" characters, in briefETS 3
"Men in Black" concerns, brieflyETS 3
"Men in Black" creatures, brieflyETS 3
"Men in Black" quarry, for shortETS 3
"Men in Black" baddies, brieflyETS 3
"Doctor Who" creaturesETS 3
"Men in Black" quarryETS 3
"Third Rock From the Sun" family, e.g.ETS 3
"Star Wars" bar patrons, e.g.ETS 3
"Star Wars" extras, for shortETS 3
"Star Wars" charactersETS 3
"Star Wars" extrasETS 3
"Star Wars" walk-onsETS 3
"The War of the Worlds" invaders, brieflyETS 3
"The War of the Worlds" invaders, e.g.ETS 3
"The Outer Limits" extrasETS 3
"The Phantom Menace" creationsETS 3
"The X-Files" extras, brieflyETS 3
"The X-Files" extras, for shortETS 3
"The X-Files" topics, for shortETS 3
"The X-Files" extrasETS 3
"The X-Files" subj.ETS 3
"The X-Files" subjectETS 3
Org. that produces college entrance examsETS 3
Subjects of an as-yet-fruitless search, brieflyETS 3
They're encountered in "close encounters"ETS 3

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