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Answer ETD – Crossword Puzzle Solver

15:40 at Charles De Gaulle, e.g.ETD 3
60 Down infoETD 3
Consideration for when to arrive at the airport: Abbr.ETD 3
What you might arrive two hrs. early forETD 3
When an airplane is due to take off, for shortETD 3
When an airplane's scheduled to take off: abbr.ETD 3
When it is unsafe to use your phone, for shortETD 3
Something that may be delayed by a storm: Abbr.ETD 3
Air traveler's concern, for shortETD 3
Announcement at a terminal, in briefETD 3
When a plane is due to take off (abbr.)ETD 3
When to expect takeoff, for shortETD 3
When you think you'll leave, brieflyETD 3
Announcement in a waiting area: Abbr.ETD 3
When takeoff is scheduled to occur: Abbr.ETD 3
Abbr. at an airport terminalETD 3
Airline guess, for shortETD 3
Airport announcement, for shortETD 3
Airport approximation, brieflyETD 3
Airport gate datum (abbr.)ETD 3
Airport listing, for short with 3 letters
Airport listing, for shortETD 3
Airport readerboard abbr.ETD 3
Cockpit guess, for shortETD 3
Fig. on a terminal monitorETD 3
Gate announcement, brieflyETD 3
Guesstimate from the capt.ETD 3
Pre-takeoff guess, for shortETD 3
Stat in an airport terminalETD 3
Train station posting, brieflyETD 3
T-storms might push it backETD 3
Wheels-up announcement, brieflyETD 3
It's about when you leave: Abbr.ETD 3
Approximate flight hour: Abbr.ETD 3
It's sometimes delayed: Abbr.ETD 3
When takeoff is expected: Abbr.ETD 3
Approximate takeoff hour (Abbr.)ETD 3
Bus station announcement (Abbr.)ETD 3
It may be delayed by a storm: Abbr.ETD 3
Frequently overoptimistic JFK guessETD 3
When ''pushback'' should be: Abbr.ETD 3
Air-board initialsETD 3
Airport announcementETD 3
Airport-board abbr.ETD 3
Airport posting lettersETD 3
Airport sched. lettersETD 3
Airport schedule abbr.ETD 3
Airport terminal abbr.ETD 3
American web site infoETD 3
Approx. leaving hourETD 3
Approx. takeoff hourETD 3

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