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___ meson (particle that is its own antiparticle)ETA 3
___ particle (electrically neutral meson)ETA 3
7th letter of the Greek alphabetETA 3
n look-alikeETA 3
9:15, say, at J.F.K.ETA 3
12:15 at J.F.K., perhapsETA 3
5:30 at Logan, sayETA 3
7th letter, Greek alphabetETA 3
5:00 at O'Hare, sayETA 3
__ Aquariids (annual meteor shower)ETA 3
33-Down screen datum, brieflyETA 3
11-Across postingETA 3
55 Down postingETA 3
78 Across stat.ETA 3
H-___ETA 3
"H" on a frat sweaterETA 3
"H" the vowelETA 3
"H" as in HeraklesETA 3
Vowel with a vowel two before it and two after it in its alphabetETA 3
Letter than rhymes with the ones just before and after itETA 3
Letter that rhymes with its preceding and following letter with 3 letters
Letter that rhymes with its preceding and following letterETA 3
___ Carinae (the brightest infrared object in the night sky)ETA 3
Determinant of when to do an airport run, for shortETA 3
Important info to txt to your ride from the airportETA 3
It rhymes with its preceding and following letterETA 3
Listing that can change based on the weather, for shortETA 3
What a clock checker might want to know, in briefETA 3
Announcement before the listing of flight connections: Abbr.ETA 3
Announcement that probably goes unheard on a redeye: Abbr.ETA 3
Announcement from the cockpit, for shortETA 3
Fig. that might get adjusted during a stormETA 3
Flight attendant's announcement, for shortETA 3
Greek letter that's a symbol for viscosityETA 3
Info for an airport car service, brieflyETA 3
It might get pushed back in the air, for shortETA 3
Lesser star designation in a constellationETA 3
Letter between two others that rhyme with itETA 3
Lowercase letter that looks similar to an engETA 3
Part of a pilot's announcement, sometimesETA 3
Pilot's in-flight announcement, for shortETA 3
Seventh-brightest star in a constellationETA 3
What travelers hope is accurate, brieflyETA 3
When you can turn your phone back on, for shortETA 3
When you think you'll be there, for shortETA 3
When to get to the airport to pick someone up: Abbr.ETA 3
First letter in the second quarter of the Greek alphabetETA 3
Greek letter that rhymes with three other Greek lettersETA 3
Penultimate letter in the first third of the Greek alphabetETA 3
Airplane announcement, for shortETA 3
Airport limo driver's concern, brieflyETA 3

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