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Answer ESTONIA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1991 joiner of the United NationsESTONIA 7
Its flag has three equal horizontal bands of blue, black, and whiteESTONIA 7
Country that won medals only in cross-country skiing in TorinoESTONIA 7
Country where marinated bear is a specialty foodESTONIA 7
Country with a blue-, black- and white-striped flagESTONIA 7
Country with a blue, black and white flagESTONIA 7
Baltic republic crashing into sea (7)ESTONIA 7
It regained independence in 1991ESTONIA 7
It resumed nation status in 1991ESTONIA 7
Nation that demonstrated in the "Singing Revolution" of 1989ESTONIA 7
Independent land since 1991ESTONIA 7
It gained independence in 1991ESTONIA 7
Latvia's northern neighborESTONIA 7
Where the kroon is spentESTONIA 7
Land that juts into seaESTONIA 7
Latvian neighborESTONIA 7
Latvia's neighborESTONIA 7
Tallinn is its capitalESTONIA 7
Tallinn's localeESTONIA 7
Tallinn's nationESTONIA 7
Where kroons are spent with 7 letters
Where kroons are spentESTONIA 7
Where to spend kroonsESTONIA 7
Destination of a Finnish ferryESTONIA 7
Its longest river is VõhanduESTONIA 7
Nation south of the Gulf of FinlandESTONIA 7
Baltic countryESTONIA 7
Baltic landESTONIA 7
Baltic nationESTONIA 7
Baltic republicESTONIA 7
Baltic stateESTONIA 7
European nationESTONIA 7
Latvia neighborESTONIA 7
Latvian stateESTONIA 7
Soviet republicESTONIA 7
Tallinn's landESTONIA 7
One of the Baltic statesESTONIA 7
Country on the Gulf of FinlandESTONIA 7
Sight from the Baltic SeaESTONIA 7
It broke from Russia in 1920ESTONIA 7
Where the Pärnu River flowsESTONIA 7
Locale of Tartu and PärnuESTONIA 7
It's south of HelsinkiESTONIA 7
Land north of LatviaESTONIA 7
Nation on the Gulf of FinlandESTONIA 7
Member of the U.N. since 1991 and the E.U. since 2004ESTONIA 7
Northern European nation that instituted internet voting in 2005ESTONIA 7
European Union member since 2004ESTONIA 7
European Union joiner of 2004ESTONIA 7
European Union member since May 2004ESTONIA 7
Site of TallinnESTONIA 7

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