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Answer ERTE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

20th-century illustratorERTE 4
'20s set designer for MGMERTE 4
1920s designerERTE 4
'20s artistERTE 4
"___ at Ninety-Five" (1987 art book)ERTE 4
1910's-30's Harper's Bazaar designerERTE 4
''Symphony in Black'' creatorERTE 4
''The Numerals'' artistsERTE 4
1920s Folies Bergère set and costume designerERTE 4
1920s Folies-Bergère designerERTE 4
"Directoire" artistERTE 4
"Beauty and the Beast" serigrapherERTE 4
"Athena" artistERTE 4
"Flames of Love" sculptorERTE 4
"Broadway's in Fashion" artistERTE 4
"Bird in a Gilded Cage" artistERTE 4
"Manhattan Mary V" artistERTE 4
"Ziegfeld Follies" costume designerERTE 4
"Harper's Bazaar" artistERTE 4
"Harper's Bazaar" illustratorERTE 4
"Alphabet Suite" artist with 4 letters
"Alphabet Suite" artistERTE 4
"Signs of the Zodiac" artistERTE 4
"Symphony in Black" print artistERTE 4
"Feather Gown" sculptorERTE 4
"Symphony in Black" artistERTE 4
"Stolen Kisses" print artistERTE 4
"Pearls and Diamonds" artistERTE 4
"Flower Petal Gown" sculptorERTE 4
"Dream Girl" sculptorERTE 4
"The Alphabet" artistERTE 4
"The Angel" artistERTE 4
"The Seasons" painterERTE 4
"The Seven Deadly Sins" artistERTE 4
"The Alphabet Suite" artistERTE 4
"The Oriental Ballet" designerERTE 4
"The Precious Stones" artistERTE 4
"La Tosca" sculptorERTE 4
"A Dream" artistERTE 4
Artist whose moniker is the pronunciation of his initialsERTE 4
Artistic pseudonym derived from its owner's initialsERTE 4
Artist's name formed phonetically from his initialsERTE 4
Artist who rejuvenated his career with 1960s serigraphsERTE 4
His name can be typed using three contiguous keysERTE 4
Russian-born designer for fashion and stageERTE 4
Graphic designer whose autobiography was "Things I Remember"ERTE 4
Fashion illustrator/art deco artistERTE 4
Fashion illustrator of the 1920sERTE 4
Artist's pseudonym formed from the French pronunciation of his initialsERTE 4
Costume designer for both versions of "Ben-Hur"ERTE 4
Costumer for the 1925 version of "Ben-Hur"ERTE 4

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