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Answer ERATO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

35-Across writer's museERATO 5
52-Across' MuseERATO 5
CupidERATO 5
Muse.ERATO 5
"Passionate" lyrist of mythERATO 5
"The lovely," to HesiodERATO 5
"The lovely Muse"ERATO 5
A dryadERATO 5
A-muse?ERATO 5
Goddess pictured with a lyre and a crown of rosesERATO 5
Mythological figure often depicted holding a kitharaERATO 5
Goddess often pictured with a crown of rosesERATO 5
Muse often depicted holding a small kitharaERATO 5
Classic label in classical musicERATO 5
Inspiration for poets and musiciansERATO 5
Muse appropriate for this puzzleERATO 5
Muse often depicted holding a lyreERATO 5
Muse whose name means "passionate"ERATO 5
Muse with a wreath of myrtle and rosesERATO 5
Mythical inventor of the kitharaERATO 5
Bard's inspiration, perhaps with 5 letters
Bard's inspiration, perhapsERATO 5
Dirty poem's inspirationERATO 5
Inspiration for a troubadourERATO 5
Longtime classical music labelERATO 5
Mime motivator, classicallyERATO 5
Mime motivator, mythologicallyERATO 5
Muse of poets and musiciansERATO 5
Muse often depicted with a lyreERATO 5
Muse often shown playing a lyreERATO 5
Muse sometimes seen with a lyreERATO 5
Muse that carries a kitharaERATO 5
Muse with a myrtle wreathERATO 5
One inspiring love of poetry?ERATO 5
One of a mythological enneadERATO 5
Pindar's patroness of poetryERATO 5
Muse seen in the musical "Xanadu"ERATO 5
Puzzle maker's favorite MuseERATO 5
Apollo attendantERATO 5
Bard's inspirationERATO 5
Calliope colleagueERATO 5
Calliope relativeERATO 5
Calliope's sisterERATO 5
Calliope's sister museERATO 5
Classical lyre holderERATO 5
Classical sisterERATO 5
Clio's colleagueERATO 5
Clio's poetic sisterERATO 5
Clio's sister museERATO 5
Euterpe's sisterERATO 5
Goddess with a lyreERATO 5

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