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Answer ERASE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Mika song you will tape over?ERASE 5
One way to get the lead out?ERASE 5
One way to remove marginaliaERASE 5
Prepare for reuse, perhapsERASE 5
Prepare to correct, perhapsERASE 5
Push 4 on voicemail, perhapsERASE 5
Remove entirely, in a wayERASE 5
Remove evidence of fallibilityERASE 5
Remove from a blackboardERASE 5
Remove from a hard driveERASE 5
Remove from the blackboardERASE 5
Remove from the videotapeERASE 5
Remove graphite or graffitiERASE 5
Render blank, as a floppy diskERASE 5
Rub out a quarter on timeERASE 5
Rub out with rubber, e.g.ERASE 5
Start over a puzzle, sayERASE 5
Start to correct, in a wayERASE 5
Take a magnet to a floppyERASE 5
Take a magnet to, as a floppyERASE 5
Totally eliminate, in a way with 5 letters
Totally eliminate, in a wayERASE 5
Use the backspace key, perhapsERASE 5
Use the pink end of a pencilERASE 5
Use the soft end of the pencilERASE 5
What expert typists seldom doERASE 5
What you do when a take is badERASE 5
Wipe off a chalkboard, sayERASE 5
Apply the spongeERASE 5
Backspace, maybeERASE 5
Backspace, oftenERASE 5
Backspace on a pcERASE 5
Backspace over textERASE 5
Backspace throughERASE 5
Backspace through textERASE 5
Backspace, usuallyERASE 5
Begin a correctionERASE 5
Begin some revisingERASE 5
Begin to correct, maybeERASE 5
Clean a blackboardERASE 5
Clean, as a blackboardERASE 5
Clean, as a flash driveERASE 5
Clean, as a hard driveERASE 5
Clean blackboardsERASE 5
Clean the blackboardERASE 5
Clean the chalkboardERASE 5
Clear a blackboardERASE 5
Clear a cassetteERASE 5
Clear, as a blackboardERASE 5
Clear, as a boardERASE 5
Clear, as a chalkboardERASE 5

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