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Answer ENVY – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"___, like lightning, seeks the highest places": LivyENVY 4
"___ slayeth the silly one": JobENVY 4
CovetENVY 4
"Men always hate most what they ___ most": MenckenENVY 4
"Pity is for the living, ___ is for the dead": TwainENVY 4
"Pity is for the living, ___ is for the dead": Mark TwainENVY 4
"As rust corrupts iron, so ___ corrupts man": AntisthenesENVY 4
"Pain at the good fortune of others": AristotleENVY 4
"The ulcer of the soul," according to SocratesENVY 4
"Green-eyed" emotionENVY 4
"Green-eyed" feelingENVY 4
"Green-eyed monster"ENVY 4
"A kind of praise": John GayENVY 4
"Green" emotionENVY 4
"Green" feelingENVY 4
"King of Rock and Roll"ENVY 4
Green feeling that's a cardinal sinENVY 4
List partner of avarice and gluttonyENVY 4
Might feel it when labelmates get richENVY 4
Comparer's problem, maybeENVY 4
Emerald-eyed one's feeling with 4 letters
Emerald-eyed one's feelingENVY 4
Emotion akin to jealousyENVY 4
Green feeling that's not goodENVY 4
Jealousy without resentmentENVY 4
Member of a "deadly" septetENVY 4
One of seven deadly sinsENVY 4
One of the seven deadliesENVY 4
One of the seven deadly sinsENVY 4
Shakespeare's "green sickness"ENVY 4
Sin for one who's gone green?ENVY 4
The-grass-is-greener feelingENVY 4
Need to keep up with the JonesesENVY 4
It "slayeth the silly one": JobENVY 4
Another deadly sinENVY 4
Begrudging feelingENVY 4
Coveter's emotionENVY 4
Covetous feelingENVY 4
Covetousness cousinENVY 4
Feeling of covetousnessENVY 4
Green condition?ENVY 4
Green person's sinENVY 4
Gruesome septet memberENVY 4
Jealousy's next of kinENVY 4
Object of desire?ENVY 4
One of a deadly sevenENVY 4
One of the deadly sinsENVY 4
Part of a famous septetENVY 4
Relative of jealousyENVY 4
Resent another's ascentENVY 4
Resentful feelingENVY 4

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