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Answer ENT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Say 'ah'" docENT 3
"Lord of the Rings" tree creatureENT 3
"Lord of the Rings" creatureENT 3
"The Lord of the Rings" creatureENT 3
"The Lord of the Rings" tree beingENT 3
"The Lord of the Rings" tree creatureENT 3
"The Lord of the Rings" beingENT 3
"The Two Towers" creatureENT 3
"The Two Towers" extraENT 3
S(t)i(fled, i)n(hibited, sh)u(t, con)s(traine)d(, gated,) o(r) c(hecked, with "up")ENT 3
Doc that may administer electronystagmography testingENT 3
One who's often looking down in the mouth, for short?ENT 3
Doc who might diagnose a deviated septumENT 3
Specialist who might conduct a balance testENT 3
Specialist who might treat otitis internaENT 3
Tolkien creature that's not an orc or an elfENT 3
Adenoidectomy specialist, for shortENT 3
Doc with a tongue depressor, maybeENT 3
Forest-dweller of fantasy fictionENT 3
Otolaryngologist's specialty (abbr.)ENT 3
Otorhinolaryngologist, for short with 3 letters
Otorhinolaryngologist, for shortENT 3
Suffix with differ and correspondENT 3
Suffix with ''differ'' or ''insist''ENT 3
Where sinusitis is a subspecialtyENT 3
Fictional creature whose name is Old English for "giant"ENT 3
Adjective-forming suffixENT 3
Allergy specialist, perhapsENT 3
Apnea diagnoser, brieflyENT 3
Apnea specialist, for shortENT 3
Doc for head colds: abbr.ENT 3
Doc for head stuff: abbr.ENT 3
Ending for differ or insistENT 3
Ending for respond or despondENT 3
Ending with absorb or differENT 3
Ending with insist or existENT 3
Multipurpose doc, for shortENT 3
Otolaryngologist, brieflyENT 3
Otolaryngologist, for shortENT 3
Otorhinolaryngology abbr.ENT 3
Otoscope user, for shortENT 3
Rhinitis diagnoser, for shortENT 3
Rhinology expert, for shortENT 3
Sinusitis studier, brieflyENT 3
Sinusitis treater, brieflyENT 3
Sinus specialist, brieflyENT 3
Sinus specialist, for shortENT 3
Sinus specialist, succinctlyENT 3
Strep treater, for shortENT 3
Suffix for transcend or dependENT 3
Suffix with depend and descendENT 3

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