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Answer ENGLISHHORN – Crossword Puzzle Solver

It's mellow and has a pear-shaped bellENGLISHHORN 11
It's pitched higher than a bassoonENGLISHHORN 11
Member of the woodwind familyENGLISHHORN 11
Part of the woodwind familyENGLISHHORN 11
Wind with a misleading nameENGLISHHORN 11
Leeds reed instrumentENGLISHHORN 11
Oboe's longer cousinENGLISHHORN 11
Orchestra memberENGLISHHORN 11
Woodwind instrumentENGLISHHORN 11
Oboe cousinENGLISHHORN 11
Oboe's cousinENGLISHHORN 11

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