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Answer ELOPES – Crossword Puzzle Solver

DecampsELOPES 6
Saves roughly $80,000 in wedding costs, sayELOPES 6
Annoys caterers everywhere, perhapsELOPES 6
Creates in-laws without them knowingELOPES 6
Doesn't employ a wedding plannerELOPES 6
Eschews nuptial formalities, sayELOPES 6
Goes to a clandestine union meetingELOPES 6
Keeps the ceremony simple, in a wayELOPES 6
Eschews nuptial formalitiesELOPES 6
Eschews wedding formalitiesELOPES 6
Gets an out-of-state license?ELOPES 6
Joins without much notice?ELOPES 6
Leaps, like many a loverELOPES 6
Makes a flight connection?ELOPES 6
Runs away to get togetherELOPES 6
Skips a certain ceremonyELOPES 6
Splits with one's belovedELOPES 6
Takes the honey and runs?ELOPES 6
Ties the knot unceremoniouslyELOPES 6
Skips the dos before the I do's?ELOPES 6
Avoids a big wedding with 6 letters
Avoids a big weddingELOPES 6
Bolts with a beauELOPES 6
Bonds after splitting?ELOPES 6
Bonds on the runELOPES 6
Decamps for romanceELOPES 6
Dodges a big weddingELOPES 6
Flies the united way?ELOPES 6
Gets hitched in hasteELOPES 6
Gets together quietly?ELOPES 6
Has a secret mergerELOPES 6
Joins on the slyELOPES 6
Lams with a loverELOPES 6
Makes a romantic flightELOPES 6
Marries in hasteELOPES 6
Marries in secretELOPES 6
Marries on the runELOPES 6
Runs away to marryELOPES 6
Runs for one's wife?ELOPES 6
Runs for romanceELOPES 6
Runs into a hitch?ELOPES 6
Runs off to hitchELOPES 6
Runs off to marryELOPES 6
Runs to become oneELOPES 6
Secretly forms a team?ELOPES 6
Skips a big weddingELOPES 6
Skips a ceremonyELOPES 6
Skips off (with)ELOPES 6
Skips the big weddingELOPES 6
Sneaks off to wedELOPES 6
Splits to form a bondELOPES 6

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