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Answer ELOPE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

DepartELOPE 5
"Run away!"ELOPE 5
AbscondELOPE 5
Run offELOPE 5
Decide to not rent a church, hire a caterer, etc.ELOPE 5
Advice for lovers whose parents disapproveELOPE 5
Choose not to spend $35,000 on a wedding, sayELOPE 5
Eschew the tux rental and forget the bandELOPE 5
Go straight to the courthouse to wed, perhapsELOPE 5
Have a nontraditional marriage, in a wayELOPE 5
One way to avoid a wedding rehearsal dinnerELOPE 5
Opt for the window instead of the aisle?ELOPE 5
Skip the announcement, invitations, etc.ELOPE 5
What some people do to enter united states?ELOPE 5
Act impulsively, as young loversELOPE 5
Act on a sudden itching for a hitchingELOPE 5
Act on a sudden itch to get hitchedELOPE 5
Act without the parents' blessings, sayELOPE 5
Be part of a get-hitched-quick schemeELOPE 5
Carry out a get-hitched-quick schemeELOPE 5
Choose the window instead of the aisle? with 5 letters
Choose the window instead of the aisle?ELOPE 5
Choose the window over the aisle?ELOPE 5
Flee via ladder, stereotypicallyELOPE 5
Get married the cheap and easy wayELOPE 5
Have an unceremonious wedding, perhapsELOPE 5
Have wedding bells sans wedding billsELOPE 5
Make a running start at marriage?ELOPE 5
Not wait for the parents' blessing, sayELOPE 5
One way to avoid a rehearsal dinnerELOPE 5
One way to avoid a wedding rehearsalELOPE 5
One way to cut down on wedding expensesELOPE 5
One way to save on wedding expensesELOPE 5
Participate in a secret joint venture?ELOPE 5
Run away with one's cutie on the q.t.?ELOPE 5
Run off to the justice of the peaceELOPE 5
Save on a band, hall, dinner, etc.ELOPE 5
Skip the usual wedding preparationsELOPE 5
Split for the sole purpose of uniting?ELOPE 5
Surprise your friends, wedding-wiseELOPE 5
Take part in a secret joint venture?ELOPE 5
Thwart disapproving parents, perhapsELOPE 5
Alter altar plans, maybeELOPE 5
Avoid a certain church serviceELOPE 5
Avoid major planning, in a wayELOPE 5
Avoid some wedding hooplaELOPE 5
Avoid the shoes and riceELOPE 5
Become a pair without an affairELOPE 5
Become one while on the runELOPE 5
Bypass a big wedding, sayELOPE 5
Defy one's parents, possiblyELOPE 5

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