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Answer ELBOW – Crossword Puzzle Solver

_________ , SaskatchewanELBOW 5
AnconELBOW 5
CrookELBOW 5
JointELBOW 5
ShoveELBOW 5
InciteELBOW 5
JostleELBOW 5
[Nudge]ELBOW 5
Poker?ELBOW 5
"Tennis, ___?"ELBOW 5
"Grounds for Divorce" bandELBOW 5
"Measure for Measure" constableELBOW 5
"Cast of Thousands" BritsELBOW 5
Appropriately, word that can precede the first words of 10- and 20-Across and 32- and 38-DownELBOW 5
Throwing this in basketball might earn you a foulELBOW 5
Joint that may be thrown, but not passedELBOW 5
Tool for forcing one's way through a crowdELBOW 5
Body part some macaroni resemblesELBOW 5
It's sometimes thrown on the courtELBOW 5
Part of a shirt that may develop a holeELBOW 5
Push aggressively, as through a crowd with 5 letters
Push aggressively, as through a crowdELBOW 5
What a roller derby queen throwsELBOW 5
Attention-getting joint?ELBOW 5
Item stocked by a plumberELBOW 5
It gets thrown in basketballELBOW 5
Jostle for position, in a wayELBOW 5
Recommended place to coughELBOW 5
Tennis player's sore spotELBOW 5
The radius extends from itELBOW 5
Ulna-humerus meeting placeELBOW 5
Where a hole may developELBOW 5
Word before room or macaroniELBOW 5
Arc-shaped pasta bitELBOW 5
Bendable body partELBOW 5
Bender at the barELBOW 5
Be rude in a crowdELBOW 5
Funny bone localeELBOW 5
Funny bone locationELBOW 5
Funny-bone neighborELBOW 5
Funny bone settingELBOW 5
Funny bone's jointELBOW 5
Funny bone's localeELBOW 5
Funny bone's locationELBOW 5
Funny bone's placeELBOW 5
Get attention unsubtlyELBOW 5
Ginglymus in the armELBOW 5
It gets bent frequentlyELBOW 5
It's bent on a benderELBOW 5
Jab with a jointELBOW 5
Joint bent on a benderELBOW 5

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