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''... had a farm, ___'' (song refrain)EIEIO 5
" ... had a farm" followerEIEIO 5
"...he had some cows" followerEIEIO 5
"... a farm, ___"EIEIO 5
". . . had a farm, ___"EIEIO 5
"... had a farm, __"EIEIO 5
"... farm, ___"EIEIO 5
''Farm'' followerEIEIO 5
"With a quack quack here" precederEIEIO 5
"Had a farm" followerEIEIO 5
"Farm" lettersEIEIO 5
'Old MacDonald' sequence found in this puzzle's 10 longest answersEIEIO 5
"Old MacDonald had a farm" followerEIEIO 5
"Old MacDonald" nonsense refrainEIEIO 5
"Old MacDonald had a farm, ___"EIEIO 5
'Old MacDonald' sequenceEIEIO 5
"Old MacDonald" codaEIEIO 5
"Old MacDonald" endingEIEIO 5
"Old MacDonald" lettersEIEIO 5
'Old MacDonald' refrainEIEIO 5
'Old MacDonald's Farm' refrain with 5 letters
'Old MacDonald's Farm' refrainEIEIO 5
"Old MacDonald hHd a Farm" refrainEIEIO 5
"Old MacDonald Had a Farm" refrainEIEIO 5
Common refrain that's a hint to this puzzle's themeEIEIO 5
Vowel sequence shared by this puzzle's theme entriesEIEIO 5
Refrain from singing about farm animals?EIEIO 5
Follower of ducks, sheep or pigsEIEIO 5
Followers of "cows" or "pigs" in songEIEIO 5
Letters sung after "... had a farm"EIEIO 5
Letters sung after various animal namesEIEIO 5
Refrain from children's singing?EIEIO 5
Refrain from singing about a farm?EIEIO 5
Refrain from singing in kindergarten?EIEIO 5
Refrain heard with animal noisesEIEIO 5
Refrain in a song full of animal soundsEIEIO 5
Refrain sung with barnyard noisesEIEIO 5
What goes after cows, ducks and pigs?EIEIO 5
End of a kindergarten songEIEIO 5
End of a kindergarten tuneEIEIO 5
Familiar farm-song refrainEIEIO 5
Finish of a kindergarten tuneEIEIO 5
Five-letter song refrainEIEIO 5
Follower of a duck, pig or cowEIEIO 5
Follower of cow, pig or horseEIEIO 5
Followers of various animals?EIEIO 5
Kindergarten song refrainEIEIO 5
Letters after many animal namesEIEIO 5
Letters in a children's refrainEIEIO 5
Letters in a familiar refrainEIEIO 5
Letters sung after "had a farm"EIEIO 5

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