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Answer EGG – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Caesar salad dressing ingredientEGG 3
Container for an unhatched chickEGG 3
Item in an embarrassment metaphorEGG 3
It may be cracked in the kitchenEGG 3
It may be rolled, tossed, or huntedEGG 3
It may get whipped in the kitchenEGG 3
It might get beaten in the morningEGG 3
It's produced from a single layerEGG 3
One of a dozen at the grocery storeEGG 3
Party in a "which came first" debateEGG 3
Object in an apocryphal story about Christopher ColumbusEGG 3
A snake may swallow one wholeEGG 3
Bad thing to have on one's faceEGG 3
Bad thing to have on your faceEGG 3
Bread pudding ingredientEGG 3
Breakfast burrito fillerEGG 3
Breakfast burrito ingredientEGG 3
Chocolate in oval shape(3)EGG 3
French toast ingredient?EGG 3
Halloween prankster's aidEGG 3
Huevos rancheros ingredient with 3 letters
Huevos rancheros ingredientEGG 3
Ingredient in some saladsEGG 3
Item scrambled or poachedEGG 3
It gets laid for procreationEGG 3
It may be served sunnyside upEGG 3
It's broken when it's usedEGG 3
It's cracked in the kitchenEGG 3
It's most useful when crackedEGG 3
It's on an embarrassed faceEGG 3
It's usually broken before useEGG 3
Its yolk is used in mayonnaiseEGG 3
It usually needs breakingEGG 3
Mork's spaceship, basicallyEGG 3
One may get laid on the farmEGG 3
One side of a great debateEGG 3
On your face, it's embarrassingEGG 3
Prank someone's house, maybeEGG 3
Pudding ingredient, oftenEGG 3
Rook's starting locationEGG 3
Scrambled or poached itemEGG 3
Shell or head attachmentEGG 3
Something broken when usedEGG 3
Source of facial embarrassment?EGG 3
This may have come firstEGG 3
Unpleasant face coveringEGG 3
Word after good or gooseEGG 3
Word after goose or nestEGG 3
Word before cream or whiteEGG 3
Word before head or rollEGG 3
Word before timer or toothEGG 3

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