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Answer EERIE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

'70s pulp horror magazineEERIE 5
unpleasantEERIE 5
''___, Indiana'' (TV program)EERIE 5
AlienEERIE 5
ScaryEERIE 5
"___, Indiana" (short-lived NBC series of the '90s)EERIE 5
"___, Indiana": 1990s Omri Katz sci-fi TV seriesEERIE 5
ArcaneEERIE 5
FreakyEERIE 5
Odd __EERIE 5
SpookyEERIE 5
"Weird"EERIE 5
"Strange!"EERIE 5
BizarreEERIE 5
GhostlyEERIE 5
HauntedEERIE 5
"___ Macabre"EERIE 5
Poe-ishEERIE 5
SurrealEERIE 5
UncannyEERIE 5
Like a coincidence that raises the hair on the back of your neck with 5 letters
Like a coincidence that raises the hair on the back of your neckEERIE 5
Like an empty ship on the sea at midnightEERIE 5
Astonishingly coincidental, maybeEERIE 5
Like tales that cause goose bumpsEERIE 5
Like the remains of sunken shipsEERIE 5
Like things that go bump in the nightEERIE 5
Reminiscent of an alien landscapeEERIE 5
Like a coincidence that makes you go "Hmm ..."EERIE 5
A little too quiet, perhapsEERIE 5
Apt to cause the williesEERIE 5
Causing goose bumps, maybeEERIE 5
Causing goose flesh, maybeEERIE 5
Causing shivers, perhapsEERIE 5
Causing the heebie-jeebiesEERIE 5
Disturbingly coincidental, sayEERIE 5
Evoking goose bumps, sayEERIE 5
Goose bumps-producing, maybeEERIE 5
How musical saws sound, kindaEERIE 5
Inspiring inexplicable fearEERIE 5
Like a graveyard at midnightEERIE 5
Like a moonlit graveyardEERIE 5
Like an empty ship at seaEERIE 5
Like freakish coincidencesEERIE 5
Like horror movie film scoresEERIE 5
Like howls in a haunted houseEERIE 5
Like old graveyards at midnightEERIE 5
Like some extreme coincidencesEERIE 5
Like theremin music, oftenEERIE 5
Like the sound of a thereminEERIE 5
Odd in an unsettling wayEERIE 5

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