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Answer EEL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ roll (sushi selection)EEL 3
___ roll (sushi item)EEL 3
ElverEEL 3
UnagiEEL 3
4 Down catcher's baitEEL 3
''Electric'' fishEEL 3
CongerEEL 3
"Shock me like an electric ___": MGMTEEL 3
"Slippery" swimmerEEL 3
"Jellied" British dishEEL 3
CongrioEEL 3
Mud ___EEL 3
SlitherEEL 3
SniggleEEL 3
TeleostEEL 3
1997 Koji Yakusho film, with "The"EEL 3
"Sea Hunt" shockerEEL 3
A sniggler's a giggler when he snares itEEL 3
California river named for a common sight in itEEL 3
Fish whose skin is sometimes used for leatherEEL 3
It was "boil'd in broo'," in the ballad "Lord Randal" with 3 letters
It was "boil'd in broo'," in the ballad "Lord Randal"EEL 3
Anguilla, on some trattoria menusEEL 3
Avocado accompanier in some rollsEEL 3
Bumping into one could provide a shockEEL 3
California river named for a fishEEL 3
Critter that may go for a long swim?EEL 3
Electrophorus electricus, for oneEEL 3
Elongated subject of marine biologyEEL 3
Fish that may be caught in a cageEEL 3
It can be found in a conger line?EEL 3
It might have an electric organ?EEL 3
Its skin is used to make walletsEEL 3
Kind of sauce used in sushi preparationEEL 3
One that's hard to get ahold of?EEL 3
You might get a charge out of itEEL 3
Amazonian underwater shockerEEL 3
Bioelectric fish, sometimesEEL 3
Bioelectric sea creatureEEL 3
Candidate for spitchcockingEEL 3
Caterpillar roll ingredientEEL 3
Certain wiggly electric fishEEL 3
Creature with many sharp teethEEL 3
Cusk ___, snakelike fishEEL 3
Dachshund of the fish familyEEL 3
Delicacy that may be pickledEEL 3
Escape artist of similesEEL 3
Fish contained in unadonEEL 3
Fish lacking a pelvic finEEL 3
Fish lacking pelvic finsEEL 3
Fish that can give you a shockEEL 3

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