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Answer EDS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1920's-40's Yankees manager Barrow and othersEDS 3
42-Down users, for shortEDS 3
17-Across employeesEDS 3
45-Across, et al.EDS 3
Op ___EDS 3
''YM'' workersEDS 3
''GQ'' VIPsEDS 3
''WSJ'' employeesEDS 3
"Money" mgrs.?EDS 3
Mag menEDS 3
Ms. menEDS 3
Op. ___EDS 3
"GQ" execsEDS 3
Their comments might be in square brackets (abbr.)EDS 3
Recipients of authors' gratitude, brieflyEDS 3
They're always correcting your grammar: abbr.EDS 3
Correctional workers, for short?EDS 3
Self-appointed group, for short?EDS 3
Some journalism grads, for shortEDS 3
They make periodical changes, brieflyEDS 3
They're paid to have the last wd. with 3 letters
They're paid to have the last wd.EDS 3
People who get the last word in?: Abbr.EDS 3
Alt-weekly workers, brieflyEDS 3
Blue-pencil wielders (abbr.)EDS 3
Cuts and splices film, e.g.EDS 3
Cutters, at times, brieflyEDS 3
Cutting staff, for shortEDS 3 employees, for shortEDS 3
Glamour types, for shortEDS 3
Magazine chiefs, for shortEDS 3
Magazine staffers (abbr.)EDS 3
Magazine staffers, for shortEDS 3
Magazine staff, for shortEDS 3
Masthead contents, brieflyEDS 3
Masthead figures, for shortEDS 3
Masthead listings, for shortEDS 3
Masthead names, for shortEDS 3
Maxim makers, for short?EDS 3
Men of letters, for shortEDS 3
Newspaper dept. supervisorsEDS 3
Newspaper staffers, brieflyEDS 3
Newspaper staffers, for shortEDS 3
Newspaper staffers, in briefEDS 3
Newsroom workers, for shortEDS 3
News staffers, for shortEDS 3
Paper cutters, for shortEDS 3
People people, for shortEDS 3
Playboy types, for shortEDS 3
Post markers, for short?EDS 3
Post office workers, for short?EDS 3

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