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Answer EDIT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ menuEDIT 4
AmendEDIT 4
EmendEDIT 4
TweakEDIT 4
ChangeEDIT 4
ModifyEDIT 4
PolishEDIT 4
RedactEDIT 4
ReviseEDIT 4
RewordEDIT 4
ReworkEDIT 4
"Cut" and "paste"EDIT 4
"Correct!"EDIT 4
"Cut ___!"EDIT 4
AbridgeEDIT 4
Mark upEDIT 4
RewriteEDIT 4
Add vertical line 9 (word 2) and vertical line 7 (word 2) and enter the answer to the resulting clue on this lineEDIT 4
Anger an egotistic author, perhapsEDIT 4
Change one's story for the betterEDIT 4
Deal with one's period, perhaps? with 4 letters
Deal with one's period, perhaps?EDIT 4
Look for grammatical errors, sayEDIT 4
Make a long story short, perhapsEDIT 4
Make a movie ready for televisionEDIT 4
Make changes to, as a manuscriptEDIT 4
Make spelling corrections to, e.g.EDIT 4
One way to anger an egotistic authorEDIT 4
One way to reduce one's sentenceEDIT 4
Assemble a final film printEDIT 4
Change for the better, in a wayEDIT 4
Change sirlion to sirloinEDIT 4
Change someone's words around?EDIT 4
Change writing for the betterEDIT 4
Clean up, as a manuscriptEDIT 4
Correct, as a manuscriptEDIT 4
Cut out the boring scenesEDIT 4
Cut, paste, or delete, e.g.EDIT 4
Do desk work at a newspaperEDIT 4
Do some cutting and pastingEDIT 4
Do some video productionEDIT 4
Find the right words, sayEDIT 4
Get a new film into shapeEDIT 4
Get ready for publicationEDIT 4
Get your story straight?EDIT 4
Good writers do it oftenEDIT 4
Improve, as a manuscriptEDIT 4
Make a change for the verse?EDIT 4
Make a long story short?EDIT 4
Make changes, as to an articleEDIT 4
Make less boring, in a wayEDIT 4

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