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Answer DYED – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ in the woolDYED 4
TintedDYED 4
ColoredDYED 4
CoveredDYED 4
StainedDYED 4
Went platinum, perhaps, but probably not goldDYED 4
Went from blond to brunette, in a wayDYED 4
Added highlights to, in a wayDYED 4
Became a brunette, perhapsDYED 4
Changed from black to red, e.g.DYED 4
Changed one's locks, maybeDYED 4
Changed to pink, perhapsDYED 4
Gave yourself pink hair, sayDYED 4
Got away from one's roots?DYED 4
Lacking gray, you might sayDYED 4
Like many a platinum blondeDYED 4
Like roots, periodically?DYED 4
Like some redheads' hairDYED 4
Made batik cloth, perhapsDYED 4
Made more colorful, in a wayDYED 4
Made more colorful, maybe with 4 letters
Made more colorful, maybeDYED 4
No longer green, perhapsDYED 4
Not naturally blonde, e.g.DYED 4
Opted for a new hair colorDYED 4
Turned from green to red, sayDYED 4
Turned pink or purple, perhapsDYED 4
Unnatural, as hair colorDYED 4
Unnaturally blonde, e.g.DYED 4
Used food coloring, e.g.DYED 4
Used madder or woad, sayDYED 4
Went from black to red, sayDYED 4
Went from blonde to brunetteDYED 4
Worked on one's locks, maybeDYED 4
Applied henna, e.g.DYED 4
Became blonde, perhapsDYED 4
Bleached, as hairDYED 4
Brunette no more, sayDYED 4
Changed, as locksDYED 4
Changed one's locks?DYED 4
Changed the colorDYED 4
Changed the color ofDYED 4
Changed the locks?DYED 4
Colored artificiallyDYED 4
Colored, as clothDYED 4
Colored in a salonDYED 4
Colored, in a wayDYED 4
Colored with henna, sayDYED 4
Did a hairdresser's jobDYED 4
Did some batikingDYED 4
Did some coloringDYED 4

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