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Answer DYE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

'-- job!'DYE 3
ColorDYE 3
"_____ Indigo"DYE 3
StainDYE 3
''Does she or doesn't she?'' itemDYE 3
"Does she or doesn't she?" focusDYE 3
"Does she . . . or doesn't she?" itemDYE 3
"Does she or doesn't she?" mysteryDYE 3
"Does she or doesn't she?" subjectDYE 3
"Job" requirement?DYE 3
"Tie ___ on the Highway" Robert PlantDYE 3
Go red?DYE 3
PigmentDYE 3
RecolorDYE 3
2005 World Series MVP JermaineDYE 3
Change from brunette to blonde, sayDYE 3
Change the color of hair, cloth, etc.DYE 3
It may come with stacks of moneyDYE 3
It may have made a blonde blondeDYE 3
Pack content in a bag of stolen moneyDYE 3
Roots may need a touch-up of this with 3 letters
Roots may need a touch-up of thisDYE 3
The red in red velvet cake, for oneDYE 3
Tie up and dunk in liquid, perhapsDYE 3
Add blonde highlights to, sayDYE 3
Add highlights to, at a salonDYE 3
Aging rocker's hair productDYE 3
Bank thief foiling stuffDYE 3
Blacken or redden, oftenDYE 3
Blonde's secret, sometimesDYE 3
Change from bland to blond?DYE 3
Change the color of, as hairDYE 3
Easter egg decorating kit stuffDYE 3
Eggs may be dipped in itDYE 3
Food coloring, for instanceDYE 3
Go from blond to brunet, sayDYE 3
Go from brunette to blondDYE 3
Hippie's shirt style: tie-___DYE 3
It could cause highlightsDYE 3
It makes a shade of differenceDYE 3
It may be used for highlightingDYE 3
It may have made a blonde blondDYE 3
It may make you light-headedDYE 3
It puts the blue in blue jeansDYE 3
It won't run if it's fastDYE 3
Microscope slide additiveDYE 3
Nonessential food ingredientDYE 3
One way to hide the grayDYE 3
One way to remove a spot?DYE 3
One way to turn silver to goldDYE 3
Secret of many a redheadDYE 3

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