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Answer DNA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Letters that could finger you?DNA 3
Main component of chromosomesDNA 3
Modern courtroom evidenceDNA 3
Modern-day court evidenceDNA 3
Modern-day trial evidenceDNA 3
Modern means of identificationDNA 3
Modern trial evidence, perhapsDNA 3
Paternity proof, brieflyDNA 3
Protein synthesizer: abbr.DNA 3
Protein synthesizer in genesDNA 3
Sequencing target, brieflyDNA 3
Strands at a crime scene?DNA 3
Strands in a pool of blood?DNA 3
Subject of bioinformaticsDNA 3
Subj. of a court exhibitDNA 3
Substance of genetic importanceDNA 3
The tiniest bit of evidence?DNA 3
Tool of forensic scienceDNA 3
Trial evidence, at timesDNA 3
Trial evidence, sometimesDNA 3
Type of forensic evidence with 3 letters
Type of forensic evidenceDNA 3
What's cloned during cloningDNA 3
Xzibit song used for testing?DNA 3
High-tech "fingerprint": Abbr.DNA 3
Material at the basis of "Jurassic Park"DNA 3
Type of evidence gathered in "C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation"DNA 3
Kind of evidence gathered in "CSI"DNA 3
A type of evidenceDNA 3
Base pair's placeDNA 3
Biological blueprintDNA 3
Biological identifierDNA 3
Biological markerDNA 3
Biotech materialDNA 3
Body-building stuff?DNA 3
Carrier of genetic infoDNA 3
Case-breaker, at timesDNA 3
Certain code carrierDNA 3
Chain of evidence?DNA 3
Chain with four basesDNA 3
Chemical building blockDNA 3
Chromosomal componentDNA 3
Chromosome componentDNA 3
Chromosome materialDNA 3
Chromosome's homeDNA 3
Class of nucleic acidsDNA 3
Cloner's raw materialDNA 3
Cloning materialDNA 3
Code to live by?DNA 3
Court case sampleDNA 3
Crime lab evidenceDNA 3

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