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Answer DIET – Crossword Puzzle Solver

_____ of WormsDIET 4
___ of Worms: 1521DIET 4
Lo-calDIET 4
"Lighten up!"DIET 4
Low-calDIET 4
RegimenDIET 4
"The Zone" is oneDIET 4
You probably need a scale to tell if it's workingDIET 4
Intentionally lay off the fats and sweetsDIET 4
Controlled regimen of food and drinkDIET 4
Nuts and fruit, in part, for squirrelsDIET 4
Nuts, berries, etc., for squirrelsDIET 4
Rocker goes on it pre-photoshootDIET 4
Shun some sustenance for slimnessDIET 4
Become less of a person?DIET 4
Fight the battle of the bulgeDIET 4
It often involves steady lossesDIET 4
Middle management concern?DIET 4
Might go on one, pre-tourDIET 4
Mind-over-platter matterDIET 4
Nutritionist's expertise with 4 letters
Nutritionist's expertiseDIET 4
Nutritionist's recommendationDIET 4
Perennial subject of articlesDIET 4
Plan that changes coursesDIET 4
Popular post-holiday projectDIET 4
Practice "mind over platter"DIET 4
Recurring bestseller subjectDIET 4
Reduction of sugar intake, e.g.DIET 4
Subject for a best sellerDIET 4
Subject for a bestsellerDIET 4
Subject of many best sellersDIET 4
Topic of many a best sellerDIET 4
Topic of many a resolutionDIET 4
Try to turn an 8 into a 4?DIET 4
Word in many soft drink namesDIET 4
Locusts and wild honey, to John the BaptistDIET 4
Kind of plan offered by Jenny CraigDIET 4
A word to the heftyDIET 4
Balanced regimenDIET 4
Battle of the bulgeDIET 4
Battle the bulgeDIET 4
Calorie cut-downDIET 4
Count carbs, perhapsDIET 4
Course-altering plan?DIET 4
Cut down on caloriesDIET 4
Daily food intakeDIET 4
Daily sustenanceDIET 4
Do the lite thingDIET 4
Downsizing event?DIET 4
Downsizing plan?DIET 4

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