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Answer DIE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Collapse from exhaustionDIE 3
Common death metal exclamation?DIE 3
Cry repeated to a vampireDIE 3
Funny or ___ (comedy website)DIE 3
Funny or ___ (humor website)DIE 3
Item rolled by gaming geeksDIE 3
Item rolled by some gamersDIE 3
It may be loaded at the casinoDIE 3
It may get thrown for a lossDIE 3
It's rolled by roleplayersDIE 3
It's spotted at a casinoDIE 3
It's spotted in a casinoDIE 3
Probability class manipulativeDIE 3
Repeated cry to a vampireDIE 3
Six-shooter, to a gamblerDIE 3
Something you should never say?DIE 3
Stop functioning, as a batteryDIE 3
Stop working, as batteriesDIE 3
Use it to get a snake eyeDIE 3
What champions never sayDIE 3
When repeated, cry to a vampire with 3 letters
When repeated, cry to a vampireDIE 3
It might show its face in VegasDIE 3
Word in the title of five Bruce Willis filmsDIE 3
Word in the title of four Bruce Willis filmsDIE 3
Angry cry to a vampireDIE 3
Backgammon pieceDIE 3
Board-game accessoryDIE 3
Board game rollerDIE 3
Bomb at a comedy clubDIE 3
Cash in one's chipsDIE 3
Cease functioningDIE 3
Cease to functionDIE 3
Chuck-a-luck tripletDIE 3
Chuck-a-luck unitDIE 3
Common game pieceDIE 3
Conk out, as an engineDIE 3
Cube at a casinoDIE 3
Cube that's rolledDIE 3
Cube that's tossedDIE 3
Cube with 21 dotsDIE 3
Cube with 21 pipsDIE 3
Cube with 21 spotsDIE 3
Do's alternativeDIE 3
Fade in the stretchDIE 3
Fall flat or fizzleDIE 3
Gambler's "bone"DIE 3
Give up the ghostDIE 3
Go out, as a fireDIE 3
Go out, as a flameDIE 3
Go out, as embersDIE 3

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