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Answer DENT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

NotchDENT 4
DamageDENT 4
DimpleDENT 4
HollowDENT 4
1978 Yankee heroDENT 4
1978 Yankees hero BuckyDENT 4
BlemishDENT 4
Car marDENT 4
HeadwayDENT 4
1978 World Series M.V.P.DENT 4
"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" hero Arthur ___DENT 4
Something that might be created by accident?DENT 4
Noticeable reduction, as in savingsDENT 4
Results of a wrong turn, perhapsDENT 4
Subject of an insurance appraisalDENT 4
A body shop will tend to itDENT 4
Bit of progress, figurativelyDENT 4
Candidate for a body shopDENT 4
Car collector's "calamity"DENT 4
Car insurance topic, perhapsDENT 4
Cause of a car rental surcharge with 4 letters
Cause of a car rental surchargeDENT 4
Ding on a car door, e.g.DENT 4
Ending of many toothpaste namesDENT 4
Evidence at a crash siteDENT 4
Feature of some used carsDENT 4
Fender-bender consequenceDENT 4
Initial progress, figurativelyDENT 4
Insurance adjuster's concernDENT 4
It can be quite an impressionDENT 4
Item for an insurance examinerDENT 4
It might be created by accidentDENT 4
Make a bad impression on?DENT 4
Minimal progress, so to speakDENT 4
Minor collision reminderDENT 4
Minor job at the body shopDENT 4
Minor job for a body shopDENT 4
Misshape from a minor mishapDENT 4
Not exactly a great depressionDENT 4
Not make much of an impressionDENT 4
One might be pounded outDENT 4
Price reducer on a used car lotDENT 4
Reason for a body shop visitDENT 4
Reason to toss a canned goodDENT 4
Result of a bang-up job?DENT 4
Result of a fender benderDENT 4
Result of a minor collisionDENT 4
Result of a shot to the body?DENT 4
Slight amount of progressDENT 4
Small measure of progressDENT 4
Small progress, so to speakDENT 4

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