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Answer DELI – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ meatDELI 4
36 Down sourceDELI 4
68-Down makerDELI 4
''Take a number'' siteDELI 4
"Take a number" placeDELI 4
Place that buys large containers of mayoDELI 4
Place where workers sometimes cut the cheeseDELI 4
Word that is "sandwiched" in 20-, 38-, and 55-AcrossDELI 4
It'll slice bologna and cut the mustardDELI 4
One may carry the best of the wurstDELI 4
Place for a bagel with a schmearDELI 4
Place for lox stocked in barrelsDELI 4
Place to find a submarine and a torpedoDELI 4
Place to get an egg salad sandwichDELI 4
Shop with egg salad and cold cutsDELI 4
Store in which wares are weighedDELI 4
Store where you might take a numberDELI 4
What may have the makings of a hero?DELI 4
Where a submarine might be spottedDELI 4
Where cuts might be treated with saltDELI 4
Where heroes come into existence? with 4 letters
Where heroes come into existence?DELI 4
Where the workers cut the mustard?DELI 4
Hello ___, shop frequently seen on LettermanDELI 4
A hero may be on display hereDELI 4
Department with a slicerDELI 4
Ham's frequent surroundingsDELI 4
It may be full of baloneyDELI 4
Kind of store, for shortDELI 4
Local food store, for shortDELI 4
Nabe store for cold cutsDELI 4
Pastrami spot, for shortDELI 4
Place for a bagel and a schmearDELI 4
Place for a counter claim?DELI 4
Place for hero worshipers?DELI 4
Place for take-out goodsDELI 4
Place to get corned beefDELI 4
Place to order a ham on ryeDELI 4
Place to pick up a sandwichDELI 4
Place to purchase picklesDELI 4
Place to put a poor boy down?DELI 4
Place to take a number, maybeDELI 4
Place to take out a sandwichDELI 4
Place where people pick lox?DELI 4
Place with a takeout lineDELI 4
Place with slicers and cutsDELI 4
Ready-to-eat food productsDELI 4
Salami and pastrami sellerDELI 4
Salami-slicing departmentDELI 4
Sandwich shop, for shortDELI 4
Section in many a groceryDELI 4

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