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Answer DEICE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

DefrostDEICE 5
UnfrostDEICE 5
Do a winter airplane maintenance jobDEICE 5
Do a winter airport maintenance jobDEICE 5
Melt glaze from, as a windshieldDEICE 5
Prepare for the runway, in a wayDEICE 5
Clear a freezing windshieldDEICE 5
Clear a frosted windshieldDEICE 5
Clear, as a frozen windshieldDEICE 5
Clear, as a winter windshieldDEICE 5
Clear for takeoff, in a wayDEICE 5
Clear the winter windshieldDEICE 5
Clear up, in the wintertimeDEICE 5
Do the windshield in a wayDEICE 5
Do winter plane preparationDEICE 5
Make ready for winter flightDEICE 5
Pour salt on a sidewalk, sayDEICE 5
Prepare for takeoff in winterDEICE 5
Prepare for winter drivingDEICE 5
Prepare for winter takeoffDEICE 5
Prepare to drive, perhaps with 5 letters
Prepare to drive, perhapsDEICE 5
Scrape, as a winter windshieldDEICE 5
Thaw, as an airplane wingDEICE 5
Use a windshield scraperDEICE 5
Winter windshield settingDEICE 5
Apply antifreezeDEICE 5
Car heater settingDEICE 5
Clear a plane wingDEICE 5
Clear, as a cold nose?DEICE 5
Clear, as a windshieldDEICE 5
Clear for takeoff?DEICE 5
Clear frost fromDEICE 5
Clear in the winterDEICE 5
Clear the frost fromDEICE 5
Clear the windshieldDEICE 5
Ground crew orderDEICE 5
Make less chillyDEICE 5
Pour salt on, perhapsDEICE 5
Prepare for takeoff?DEICE 5
Prepare wings, perhapsDEICE 5
Put salt on, maybeDEICE 5
Put salt on, perhapsDEICE 5
Remove frost fromDEICE 5
Remove rime fromDEICE 5
Remove the frost fromDEICE 5
Scrape, as a windshieldDEICE 5
Scrape a windshieldDEICE 5
Scrape the windshieldDEICE 5
Spread salt in winterDEICE 5
Spread salt on, maybeDEICE 5

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