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Answer DEE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

62 or soDEE 3
65 or soDEE 3
'60s group Dave ___, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichDEE 3
"___-lish!" ("Yum!")DEE 3
1.0DEE 3
DuantDEE 3
SandraDEE 3
''A Summer Place'' starDEE 3
"D"DEE 3
"Gidget" actress SandraDEE 3
"Gidget" starDEE 3
"Cujo" actress WallaceDEE 3
"Gidget" star SandraDEE 3
"Look at Me, I'm Sandra ___"DEE 3
"Look at Me, I'm Sandra ___" ("Grease" song)DEE 3
"What's Happening!!" daughterDEE 3
"Peppermint Twist" singer JoeyDEE 3
Dum kinDEE 3
Letter?DEE 3
"We're Not Gonna Take It" SniderDEE 3
"Creek Mary's Blood" author ___ Brown with 3 letters
"Creek Mary's Blood" author ___ BrownDEE 3
"Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" author BrownDEE 3
"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" roleDEE 3
"That Funny Feeling" costar SandraDEE 3
"The Sands of ___": KingsleyDEE 3
"The Legend of Xanadu" singer DaveDEE 3
"The House of Hair" radio host SniderDEE 3
"The Ladies Man" actor Billy ___ WilliamsDEE 3
'Zip-A -Doo-Dah'- ___DEE 3
"A Raisin in the Sun" star RubyDEE 3
"E.T." actress WallaceDEE 3
Scottish river known for its salmon fishingDEE 3
Syllable repeated after "fiddle"DEE 3
Fiddle's two-time followerDEE 3
Hardly a mark of distinctionDEE 3
Hardly a mark to be proud ofDEE 3
Insect repellent ingredientDEE 3
Joey of the 60's twist crazeDEE 3
Letter that's also a nameDEE 3
Nearly failing, to a profDEE 3
No grade to write home aboutDEE 3
Not a grade to be proud ofDEE 3
One of two "fiddle" followersDEE 3
Ruby that sparkles onstageDEE 3
What you can't make do without?DEE 3
Pee ___ (river through the Carolinas)DEE 3
Snider who testified before Congress about parental warnings on musicDEE 3
___ Snider, frontman for rock's Twisted SisterDEE 3
Aberdeen's riverDEE 3
Aberdeen's streamDEE 3

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