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Answer DEAF – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ as a postDEAF 4
"Are you ___?!"DEAF 4
Like an ignorer's ear, idiomaticallyDEAF 4
Like most users of sign languageDEAF 4
What you might go, if you rock too hardDEAF 4
Intentionally inattentiveDEAF 4
Like a certain turned earDEAF 4
Like many dactylology expertsDEAF 4
Like many sign-language usersDEAF 4
More than hearing-impairedDEAF 4
Needing sign language, sayDEAF 4
Ones who sign, with "the"DEAF 4
Unable or unwilling to hearDEAF 4
Unwilling to listen, with "to"DEAF 4
Willfully choosing to ignoreDEAF 4
Word after stone or toneDEAF 4
Like the main character of "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"DEAF 4
Fall on _____ earsDEAF 4
Hearing-deprivedDEAF 4
Hearing-impairedDEAF 4
Ignoring, with "to" with 4 letters
Ignoring, with "to"DEAF 4
Lacking in hearingDEAF 4
Like a turned earDEAF 4
Like heedless earsDEAF 4
Like many signersDEAF 4
Like many who signDEAF 4
Like some signersDEAF 4
Like some turned earsDEAF 4
Not able to hearDEAF 4
Not to be persuadedDEAF 4
Refusing to listenDEAF 4
Spurning all adviceDEAF 4
Turn a ___ ear toDEAF 4
Unable to attend?DEAF 4
Unable to make outDEAF 4
Unwilling to listenDEAF 4
Word with tone or stoneDEAF 4
Like one in need of an American Sign Language interpreterDEAF 4
Like most students at Gallaudet UniversityDEAF 4
Like students at Gallaudet CollegeDEAF 4
Like the students at GallaudetDEAF 4
Dumb partnerDEAF 4
Griffey's squadDEAF 4
Hard of hearingDEAF 4
HeedlessDEAF 4
InattentiveDEAF 4
Kind of earsDEAF 4
Lacking hearingDEAF 4
Not hearingDEAF 4
Not hearing youDEAF 4

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