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Answer COLDTURKEY – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Like-it-is" talkCOLDTURKEY 10
[Suddenly!]COLDTURKEY 10
1969 Plastic Ono Band hitCOLDTURKEY 10
Entree that patrons suddenly stop eating?COLDTURKEY 10
All at once, for quittersCOLDTURKEY 10
Immediately and completelyCOLDTURKEY 10
Repast for many on a certain FridayCOLDTURKEY 10
Abrupt way to quitCOLDTURKEY 10
Complete withdrawalCOLDTURKEY 10
Hard way to quitCOLDTURKEY 10
In an abrupt mannerCOLDTURKEY 10
One way to ice a viceCOLDTURKEY 10
One way to kick a habitCOLDTURKEY 10
Postholiday fare?COLDTURKEY 10
Way to kick a habitCOLDTURKEY 10
Not graduallyCOLDTURKEY 10
One way to quitCOLDTURKEY 10
Quiting optionCOLDTURKEY 10
With no weaningCOLDTURKEY 10
Winter Garden flop?COLDTURKEY 10
Post-Thanksgiving fareCOLDTURKEY 10
John Lennon song or Dick Van Dyke movieCOLDTURKEY 10
Van Dyke film of '71COLDTURKEY 10

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