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Answer CODE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ of silence (what a snitch breaks)CODE 4
___ name (identity hider)CODE 4
___ of ethicsCODE 4
___ of honorCODE 4
___ of lawsCODE 4
___ redCODE 4
''One if by land, two if by sea,'' e.g.CODE 4
''Bar'' or ''airport'' followerCODE 4
CipherCODE 4
CypherCODE 4
*Secret to crackCODE 4
"___ Blue?"CODE 4
Zip ___CODE 4
"The Da Vinci ___"CODE 4
It can't be understood until it's brokenCODE 4
It only makes sense when it's brokenCODE 4
One if by land, two if by sea, etc.CODE 4
Preparation that needs a cracker?CODE 4
Start for "of honor" or "of silence"CODE 4
What the four circled answers "crack"CODE 4
When it gets cracked, it's broken with 4 letters
When it gets cracked, it's brokenCODE 4
You might crack one with your brainCODE 4
A cryptologist may break thisCODE 4
Be a computer programmerCODE 4
Bottom numbers on an envelopeCODE 4
Building contractor's concernCODE 4
Building contractor's studyCODE 4
Building inspector's expertiseCODE 4
Camouflaged communicationCODE 4
Computer programmer's workCODE 4
Do some computer programmingCODE 4
Genetic or dress followerCODE 4
It may be cracked by a spyCODE 4
It's broken after some thoughtCODE 4
It takes brains to crack itCODE 4
Medium for secret messagesCODE 4
Output from some engineersCODE 4
Programmer's work productCODE 4
Render unreadable, in a wayCODE 4
Software developer outputCODE 4
System of secret symbolsCODE 4
What a programmer writesCODE 4
When it's cracked, it's brokenCODE 4
Word following zip or areaCODE 4
Word preceding various colorsCODE 4
Word with bar or airportCODE 4
Word with "bar" or "area"CODE 4
Word with "bar" or "dress"CODE 4
Write lines professionallyCODE 4
A masking term (for)CODE 4

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