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Answer COD – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ -liver oilCOD 3
1941 comedy, "The Bride Came ___"COD 3
______ TonguesCOD 3
TorskCOD 3
''Pay later'' lettersCOD 3
"___: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World"COD 3
"Home of the bean and the ___"COD 3
"Cape ___"COD 3
MA capeCOD 3
Black ___--fancy name for sablefish at many a deliCOD 3
The oil in its liver is a source of omega-3 fatty acidsCOD 3
How some mail-order packages arrive, for shortCOD 3
Cape shaped like a lobster's clawCOD 3
Fish after which a cape is namedCOD 3
How some packages arrive, for shortCOD 3
It's dried and salted to make bacalaoCOD 3
Cape ___ (cottage style)COD 3
Common fish-and-chips fishCOD 3
Commonly mislabeled food fishCOD 3
Fish often used in fish sticksCOD 3
Fish used in fish and chips with 3 letters
Fish used in fish and chipsCOD 3
Friday-night-fish-fry fishCOD 3
How some packages are sentCOD 3
How some packages arriveCOD 3
Letters from the post office?COD 3
Mail order option, for shortCOD 3
Newfoundland resource, onceCOD 3
Shipping option, brieflyCOD 3
Shipping option, for shortCOD 3
Source of some liver-based oilCOD 3
Tongues or cheeks precederCOD 3
Atlantic food fishCOD 3
Atlantic swimmerCOD 3
Basque cuisine stapleCOD 3
Beer-battered fishCOD 3
Bottom-dwelling fishCOD 3
Cape named for a fishCOD 3
Certain bottom-feederCOD 3
Certain whitefishCOD 3
Common fish fry catchCOD 3
Common fish fry fishCOD 3
Commonly filleted fishCOD 3
Delivery lettersCOD 3
Dietary oil sourceCOD 3
Dried fish in lutefiskCOD 3
Endangered food fishCOD 3
Firm-fleshed fishCOD 3
Fish and chips fishCOD 3
Fish-and-chips stapleCOD 3
Fish or fish dishCOD 3

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