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Answer CLENCH – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Close tightly, as one's handCLENCH 6
Something to do with your teethCLENCH 6
Make into a ballCLENCH 6
Tighten, as a fistCLENCH 6
Tighten, like a jawCLENCH 6
Bear hugCLENCH 6
Close tightlyCLENCH 6
Form a fistCLENCH 6
Get a grip onCLENCH 6
Grasp firmlyCLENCH 6
Grip firmlyCLENCH 6
Grip tightlyCLENCH 6
Grit your teethCLENCH 6
Hold fastCLENCH 6
Hold tightCLENCH 6
Hold tightlyCLENCH 6
Make a fistCLENCH 6
Squeeze tightCLENCH 6

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