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Answer CLEESE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"And now for something completely different" comicCLEESE 6
"Dead parrot" sketch actorCLEESE 6
"Silly walks" comedianCLEESE 6
"Splitting Heirs" actorCLEESE 6
"Fawlty Towers"CLEESE 6
"Fierce Creatures" star JohnCLEESE 6
'Fawlty Towers' starCLEESE 6
"How to Irritate People" comedianCLEESE 6
"How to Irritate People" comedian JohnCLEESE 6
"Monty Python" comicCLEESE 6
"Monty Python" starCLEESE 6
"Monty Python" actor JohnCLEESE 6
"Monty Python" comic JohnCLEESE 6
"Dead Parrot" comicCLEESE 6
"A Fish Called Wanda" co-starCLEESE 6
"A Fish Called Wanda" starCLEESE 6
"A Fish Called Wanda" star JohnCLEESE 6
Palin's "dead parrot" sketch partnerCLEESE 6
Q's portrayer in recent Bond filmsCLEESE 6
Idle collaborator?CLEESE 6
Q player in recent James Bond films with 6 letters
Q player in recent James Bond filmsCLEESE 6
He's the voice of God in "Spamalot"CLEESE 6
The man behind Fierce CreaturesCLEESE 6
Martin's boss in "The Pink Panther 2"CLEESE 6
Q's portrayer in "Die Another Day"CLEESE 6
Screenwriter of "A Fish Called Wanda"CLEESE 6
John who starred in "A Fish Called Wanda"CLEESE 6
John who played Basil FawltyCLEESE 6
Fawlty playerCLEESE 6
Idle co-worker?CLEESE 6
One of the Monty Python troupeCLEESE 6
He played Q in the Bond film "Die Another Day"CLEESE 6
He played Basil FawltyCLEESE 6
Silly-walking PythonCLEESE 6
John of "Fawlty Towers"CLEESE 6
Portrayer of Q in 2002CLEESE 6
Q player in "Die Another Day"CLEESE 6
John of "Rat Race"CLEESE 6
John of "A Fish Called Wanda"CLEESE 6
Comic actor JohnCLEESE 6
Q in an '02 Bond filmCLEESE 6
John of Monty Python fameCLEESE 6
Tallest Monty Python memberCLEESE 6
John of Monty PythonCLEESE 6
Flying Circus alumnus JohnCLEESE 6
Flying Circus alum JohnCLEESE 6
Pal of PalinCLEESE 6
Monty Python alumnusCLEESE 6
Monty Python memberCLEESE 6
Monty Python performerCLEESE 6

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