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Answer CLARA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Bewitched" auntCLARA 5
"Nutcracker" girlCLARA 5
"Nutcracker" leadCLARA 5
"Where's the beef" ladyCLARA 5
"Barton ___"CLARA 5
"Porgy and Bess" sopranoCLARA 5
"Angel of the Battlefield" BartonCLARA 5
"It" girl BowCLARA 5
"The Nutcracker" heroineCLARA 5
"The Nutcracker" girlCLARA 5
"The Nutcracker" leadCLARA 5
"The Light in the Piazza" heroineCLARA 5
Cleopatras poet dismissed for herCLARA 5
Bow in front of an audienceCLARA 5
Schumann's composer wifeCLARA 5
Silent screen sensation BowCLARA 5
Barton of nursingCLARA 5
Bow found in filmCLARA 5
Bow in the moviesCLARA 5
Bow in the theater?CLARA 5
Bow no longer shot with 5 letters
Bow no longer shotCLARA 5
Bow of old filmsCLARA 5
Bow of old moviesCLARA 5
Bow of the screenCLARA 5
Bow of the silentsCLARA 5
Bow on the screenCLARA 5
Bow seen in the theaterCLARA 5
Bow who wowed 'emCLARA 5
First name in nursingCLARA 5
___ Maass, nurse on a 13¢ stampCLARA 5
Barton who founded the American Red CrossCLARA 5
Barton who founded the Red CrossCLARA 5
Peller who asked "Where's the beef?" in Wendy's adsCLARA 5
Bow known as the "It" girlCLARA 5
Theremin virtuoso RockmoreCLARA 5
Invalid befriended by HeidiCLARA 5
Pianist/composer SchumannCLARA 5
Theremin pioneer RockmoreCLARA 5
Peller of the 1980s "Where's the Beef?" adsCLARA 5
Blandick who played Auntie EmCLARA 5
Barton of the 40-DownCLARA 5
Bow in moviesCLARA 5
Bow in picturesCLARA 5
Bow in silentsCLARA 5
Bow of filmCLARA 5
Bow of filmsCLARA 5
Bow of silentsCLARA 5
Bow of the pastCLARA 5
Bow with "it"CLARA 5
Disney cluckerCLARA 5

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