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Answer CLAP – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ handsCLAP 4
... thunderCLAP 4
ApplaudCLAP 4
Put one's hands together, in a wayCLAP 4
Show appreciation at a performanceCLAP 4
Show appreciation at the theaterCLAP 4
Snobbish way to summon a servantCLAP 4
Certain hand-to-hand contactCLAP 4
Endorse a statement, perhapsCLAP 4
Express approval, in a wayCLAP 4
Give it up, colloquiallyCLAP 4
Give the performer a handCLAP 4
Give the performers a handCLAP 4
One way to request an encoreCLAP 4
Participate in an ovationCLAP 4
Performer's favorite soundCLAP 4
Private invasion, with "the"CLAP 4
Put 'em together, as it wereCLAP 4
Put one's hands togetherCLAP 4
Show appreciation at a concertCLAP 4
Show appreciation at a show with 4 letters
Show appreciation at a showCLAP 4
Show appreciation, in a wayCLAP 4
Show encouragement, in a wayCLAP 4
Show enjoyment at a showCLAP 4
Show some love, so to speakCLAP 4
Show that you like the showCLAP 4
Something to do after the showCLAP 4
Sound of shutters in the windCLAP 4
Switch activator, sometimesCLAP 4
This goes like claque workCLAP 4
Turn off the light, perhapsCLAP 4
Abrupt bit of thunderCLAP 4
Acknowledge the bandCLAP 4
Bad-weather soundCLAP 4
Bit of fan appreciationCLAP 4
Burst of thunderCLAP 4
Clean, as erasersCLAP 4
Curtain-call soundCLAP 4
Encourage the castCLAP 4
Express approvalCLAP 4
Express glee, in a wayCLAP 4
Give a hand for a bandCLAP 4
Give it up, so to speakCLAP 4
Give the band a handCLAP 4
Hand-to-hand contactCLAP 4
Indicate approvalCLAP 4
Join hands at show?CLAP 4
Keep time, in a wayCLAP 4
Keep time manuallyCLAP 4
Kind of board or trapCLAP 4

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