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Answer CHEESECAKE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Leg art"CHEESECAKE 10
Dessert that might sit in your stomach like cementCHEESECAKE 10
Photographer's favorite dessert?CHEESECAKE 10
Food for a pinup girls' dinner?CHEESECAKE 10
Old film magazine photosCHEESECAKE 10
Sexy photographs, informallyCHEESECAKE 10
Titillating bakery product?CHEESECAKE 10
Poster photos of a sortCHEESECAKE 10
Dessert choiceCHEESECAKE 10
Pin-up artCHEESECAKE 10
Rich dessertCHEESECAKE 10
Skin pics?CHEESECAKE 10

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