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Answer CGI – Crossword Puzzle Solver

3-D graphics in movie special effects, for shortCGI 3
PC picCGI 3
"Transformers" technology, for shortCGI 3
"Antz" effects, for shortCGI 3
"Avatar" technology, brieflyCGI 3
"Inception" technology (abbr.)CGI 3
"Avatar" spec. effectsCGI 3
'Avatar' technology (Abbr.)CGI 3
"Jurassic Park" dinos, e.g.: Abbr.CGI 3
PC pic.CGI 3
Technology behind many graphic effects in movies (abbr.)CGI 3
Animated graphics for film special effects, brieflyCGI 3
Effects used in computer-animated movies, for shortCGI 3
Technology for many an awkward-looking monster, brieflyCGI 3
Big expense in today's filmmakingCGI 3
Effects used to create some superheroesCGI 3
High-tech film effects, for shortCGI 3
Hollywood special effects, brieflyCGI 3
Hollywood techie's field, brieflyCGI 3
Movie-making trickery, for shortCGI 3
Software-driven film effects, for short with 3 letters
Software-driven film effects, for shortCGI 3
Some film special effects, for shortCGI 3
Special effects graphics, brieflyCGI 3
Special effects technique, brieflyCGI 3
Summer blockbuster feature, for shortCGI 3
Technique used to create movie effectsCGI 3
Effects used to create the movie Hulk (abbr).CGI 3
Film special effects, brieflyCGI 3
Film special effects, for shortCGI 3
Film special effects techniqueCGI 3
Film trickery, for shortCGI 3
Hi-tech film effects, brieflyCGI 3
Hollywood trickery, for shortCGI 3
Hollywood trickery of a sortCGI 3
Modern film effects, brieflyCGI 3
Most movie spec. effectsCGI 3
Movie special-effects lettersCGI 3
Movie trickery, for shortCGI 3
Some special effects (abbr.)CGI 3
Staple of sci-fi filmmakingCGI 3
Technology responsible for Jar Jar Binks, for shortCGI 3
Technology that brought us Jar Jar BinksCGI 3
Special effects used in "Avatar," e.g.CGI 3
Computer letters?CGI 3
Film graphics initialsCGI 3
Hi-tech film effectsCGI 3
Hi-tech special effectsCGI 3
Modern film trickeryCGI 3
Film high-tech tricks (Abbr.)CGI 3
Movie trickery (Abbr.)CGI 3

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