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Answer CEO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

HonchoCEO 3
"Forbes" profileeCEO 3
"Head honcho"CEO 3
Business suite doorplate letters, perhapsCEO 3
Fig. at the top of an organizational chartCEO 3
One praised for firing lots of people, oftenCEO 3
B school commencement speaker, maybeCEO 3
Bus. suite doorplate letters, perhapsCEO 3
Golden parachute holder, perhapsCEO 3
Headhunter's big recruit, for shortCEO 3
Many a corner office holder, for shortCEO 3
Person with a corner ofc., maybeCEO 3
Person with a golden parachute, perhapsCEO 3
Pooh-bah hired by a board of directorsCEO 3
Wharton grad's aspiration, maybeCEO 3
Golden parachute receiver, maybe: Abbr.CEO 3
Board leader, sometimes (abbr.)CEO 3
Board of directors hiree with 3 letters
Board of directors hireeCEO 3
Boardroom bigwig, brieflyCEO 3
Corporate biggie, brieflyCEO 3
Corporate kahuna, for shortCEO 3
Forbes 400 member, oftenCEO 3
Forbes profilee, sometimesCEO 3
Fortune magazine subj., perhapsCEO 3
Fortune profilee, for shortCEO 3
Golden parachute beneficiaryCEO 3
Golden parachute recipient (3)CEO 3
Hierarchy chart's top boxCEO 3
High mucky muck, for shortCEO 3
Organization biggie, brieflyCEO 3
Organization chart topperCEO 3
Stock option recipient (inits.)CEO 3
The big cheese, for shortCEO 3
Bank honcho, e.g.CEO 3
Big decision maker, sayCEO 3
Big shot in the officeCEO 3
Big shot on the boardCEO 3
Big suit, brieflyCEO 3
Big suit, for shortCEO 3
Board big shot, brieflyCEO 3
Board head: abbr.CEO 3
Board member, for shortCEO 3
Board member, usuallyCEO 3
Board mem., usuallyCEO 3
Boardroom bigwigCEO 3
Boardroom regularCEO 3
Bonus recipient, oftenCEO 3

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