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Answer CELLO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Hilary and Jackie" instrumentCELLO 5
Its strings are tuned in perfect fifthsCELLO 5
It takes a bow at a musical performanceCELLO 5
Prominent instrument in the band RasputinaCELLO 5
Bowed stringed instrumentCELLO 5
Food wrapping, informallyCELLO 5
Instrument played sitting downCELLO 5
Instrument played while seatedCELLO 5
Instrument played with a bowCELLO 5
It goes between the kneesCELLO 5
It's placed between the kneesCELLO 5
It's played between the kneesCELLO 5
Large stringed instrumentCELLO 5
Ma makes a living with itCELLO 5
Ma plays it in front of peopleCELLO 5
Member of the violin familyCELLO 5
Part of a chamber orchestraCELLO 5
Part of a string quartetCELLO 5
Piatigorsky's instrumentCELLO 5
Rostropovich's instrumentCELLO 5
String ensemble instrument with 5 letters
String ensemble instrumentCELLO 5
String quartet componentCELLO 5
String quartet instrumentCELLO 5
String quintet instrumentCELLO 5
Unlikely marching-band memberCELLO 5
Violin, viola, ___, bassCELLO 5
You might take a bow for thisCELLO 5
Big bowed instrumentCELLO 5
Bowed instrumentCELLO 5
Casal's instrumentCELLO 5
Casals' instrumentCELLO 5
Casals played itCELLO 5
Casals's instrumentCELLO 5
Instrument with a bowCELLO 5
Item with an endpinCELLO 5
Item with a pegboxCELLO 5
It has a long neckCELLO 5
It has four stringsCELLO 5
It's played with a bowCELLO 5
Large string instrumentCELLO 5
Ma has a bow for itCELLO 5
Ma plays it wellCELLO 5
Ma's pride and joy?CELLO 5
Member of the stringsCELLO 5
Musical instrument?CELLO 5
One of the stringsCELLO 5
Orchestra instrumentCELLO 5
Orchestra memberCELLO 5
Overgrown violinCELLO 5
Piano trio memberCELLO 5

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